Most frequent questions and answers

I feel like the internet is part of the reason why travel professionals are not only still relevant but can make the difference between a plain vanilla vacation and a swoon-worthy DREAM vacation.

The internet has brought all kinds of fantastic information right to our fingertips, and for the most part, that can be an awesome thing, but sometimes you still need a professional!

The internet is for looking, but travel agents are for booking.

Through our partnerships, we often have “buying power” that an individual consumer can’t match. Sometimes that means better rates at the resort you are interested in, sometimes the price may be the same, but we can get access to upgrades or included amenities that are not available to the general public!

The answer to this one is yes… and no. Travel professionals develop relationships within the industry that can often open doors that, at first glance, may appear to be closed. They may be able to find tickets to a sold-out event… but don’t wait till the last minute and expect those tickets at rock bottom prices!

Quite often we can get our clients options like room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, room credits, free transportation or other “extras” all for the same price you would have paid if you booked it yourself.

When things go wrong, having a travel professional means having an advocate in your corner to help get things sorted out as quickly as possible. We are often aware of potential “hiccups” in a travel itinerary before you are. It’s not uncommon for a travel professional to have already worked out a solution before you know that a problem exists.

The short answer to this question is no. While travel professionals are paid a commission from the suppliers we use to book your vacation, that commission is based on published pricing and fares. In plain English, that means the price for your vacation is the same whether you book it yourself or you use the services of a travel professional.

As soon as you are serious about planning your trip. The sooner, the better. Whether it’s last-minute or planned 18 months in advance, the more time you can give us, the better! You’ll need to be sure of a few details such as the dates (or date range) you wish to travel, the number of people in your travel party including the ages of any children going with you, your anticipated budget, and an idea of what you’d like to experience.

Let me be clear, travel insurance is so much more than cancellation insurance! In fact, as a travel professional, it’s my opinion that the “cancellation” part of your policy is one of the least important things to consider!

That’s another comment I hear often, and while that may be true if you are traveling within the US, more than likely it isn’t going to help for international travel.

It is highly unlikely that your regular health insurance will cover anything at all if you are outside of the US. Check your policy carefully before you decide to rely on it for international travel. Even if it provides some coverage, you will probably be required to pay for any treatment or medication out of pocket and then file for reimbursement when you return.

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